Prehistoric Metallurgy Course

Friday 13th May to Monday 16th May 2016

This is our popular annual short course on the use of experimental archaeology in examining the production of metals at the beginning of the Bronze Age.

Through practical workshop sessions and accompanying lectures on prehistoric archaeometallurgy, the course will provide valuable experience for anyone working in this field or interested in it (either at undergraduate or postgraduate level). The course would also be suitable for those with a general interest in early metals production.

During the practical sessions students will work in small groups to build, operate and record smelting hearths and use these to produce metals (copper and tin). In addition these groups will make much of the ancillary equipment such as the bellows, tuyeres, crucibles and moulds used in the production of metals from ores.

There will also be the chance to take part in an iron smelt during the evening of Sunday 15th followed by an optional overnight stay in the Iron-Age roundhouses. Students will finish the 4 day course with the casting of small objects such as bronze or copper axes.

Cost £350 (4 days teaching)   10 – 12 places available. Bookings now being taken