Bridesmaid Agreement

But this bride is not alone. It seems that many brides believe in contracts for their wedding parties. It may seem like a request from Bridezilla, but if the other party agrees, why not? According to Joyce Scardina Becker, events and wedding planner at Events of Distinction, “there are five basic criteria that are required for a contract. The first is “The agreement”, which must be concluded between two parties (in this example, it would be between the bride and a bridesmaid) before a contract can be signed. If the two parties do not reach an agreement, no legal and binding agreement will be signed. No one can get someone to sign a contract. I will send it on a card to each of my friends if I ask them to be a bridesmaid. ___ YOU WILL NOT GAIN more than 4 pounds of the weight you were when you were asked to be a bridesmaid. .