Food Vendor Agreement Template

The supplier has the right to terminate this food service contract by written notification to the customer for the following reasons: PandaTip: The model is drafted in such a way as to protect both parties from unnecessary liability. By affixing their electronic signatures below, both parties take the terms of this food service contract and swear to respect and respect them. The customer has the right to regularly inspect the establishment to ensure that the customer complies with the terms of this food service contract and, in particular, the applicable rules on food services and public safety. PandaTip: This contract applies to a situation in which a supplier offers personnel services for the existing catering establishment of a property owner, for example.B. in a residential establishment or in a concession stand. This food service agreement is subject to the laws of [Sender.City], [Sender.State]. While the customer wishes to engage the supplier as a food service provider with [Facility.Name] and the provider is willing to provide such services, both parties agree with the conditions described here: PandaTip: This section of the model describes the specific services you will provide, followed by what the customer will provide. The supplier makes staff available for the customer`s food service area in the establishment. Occupancy includes all front and rear positions, including cashiers, cooks and associated support roles, but with the exception of furnishing roles such as janitors or maintenance stations. The supplier is fully responsible for ordering and maintaining the necessary food supply, preparing and selling food to customers and implementing basic hygiene measures such as sweeping, dish towel and dishwasher. The customer is responsible for the supply of all necessary equipment and equipment, thorough cleaning such as floor growth, disinfection, cleaning of ventilation hoods and cleaning of grease separators, as well as for the supply or execution of the necessary equipment or maintenance. PandaTip: This section of the draft contract describes the fees you charge the customer.

Use the price table to list each employee`s hourly rate. PandaTip: This template describes certain situations in which one of the parties may terminate this food service agreement for an important reason. The Supplier is solely responsible for obtaining and maintaining all licences, authorizations and authorizations imposed by law by a food service provider. PandaTip: This draft contract can be downloaded as a PDF and then downloaded. This food service contract must be renewed prior to its expiry date to ensure that the supplier continues to provide food services and staff in the facility. Failure to renew the contract before expiration may result in forfeiture of services. The customer is not allowed to recruit the customer`s staff as a potential collaborator of the customer for any reason. The supplier invoices the customer monthly. Each invoice contains items for staff and for any supplies or ingredients ordered in the previous month. The supplier undertakes to invoice the customer for all ingredients or supplies ordered at cost price, without additional supplements or costs. Staff may be deductible at the allocated hourly rates, with overtime pay being charged in accordance with standard labour legislation. .

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