Lease Agreement Malta 2020

In the case of short-term leases, the contract would be terminated on the date agreed between the lessor and the lessee. This means that neither the landlord nor the tenant have to resign. The landlord is required to register a PRL with the housing authority (“authority”) within ten (10) days of the start of the rental agreement (i.e. not from the date of signature of the PRL). If a PRL is not registered, the tenant can register the PRL himself at the owner`s expense and the tenant is entitled to the right to withhold part of the rent as reimbursement of the PRL registration fee. The new legal framework aims to prevent a “free for space” approach. It creates stability for tenants who are currently at the mercy of their landlord. And it encourages owners to enter into longer-term contracts. Unfortunately, the government circumvented the issue of leases before 1995 because this reform does not apply to it. This article was amended on 3 January 2020 following additional information provided by the Housing Authority.

The provisions of the Law provide that all private residential rental agreements (LPAs) concluded after the date of applicability and their renewals must be registered. In the absence of registration, a PRL would be considered null and void. These include LPRs concluded after 1 June 1995, but before the applicable date, and which would still be in force on or after 1 January 2021, whether they were initially or renewed. The new rules allow the landlord to rent a room or part of their apartment or building to a tenant, meaning that both the landlord and the tenant can reside in the same property. Registration: A lessor is required to register any private lease signed with its tenants. These contracts must be registered with the housing authority within 10 days of the start or renewal of the lease. From 1 January 2020, Malta has new rental rules. The law identifies two types of private residential leases, including short-term private residential leases and long-term residential leases.

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