Simon Timberlake BSc MSc PhD of Cambridge Archaeological Unit, University of Cambridge.

Simon is a Senior Researcher in the unit and has worked on a number of research projects investigating prehistoric mining. He has published widely on this theme and his interests lie in the Bronze Age, archaeometallurgy and experimental archaeology.

Fergus Milton of Butser Ancient Farm

Fergus has spent the past 12 years experimenting and exploring the techniques used in early non-ferrous metallurgy and demonstrating these to the public at Butser and elsewhere. Since 2006 he has worked with Simon to deliver an annual specialist archaeometallurgy course.

Brenda Craddock  Independent illustrator, archaeologist and recorder with the Early Mines Research Group (EMRG).

Brenda has extensive experience aross the world of working on mining-related and other excavation projects. A member of the Association for Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors since 1995, she has worked for Wessex Archaeology on a regular basis, and also has a keen interest in experimental reconstructions of stone mining hammers,  furnace bellows etc.